Lucio Bubacco was born on the island of Murano in 1957. As a small boy, he played with glass, making small animals, beads, and other typical lampwork objects. At fifteen, he received his artisan's license and began marketing Venetian lampwork collectibles.

In 1980, he began studying anatomical drawing with the Venetian artist Alessandro Rossi. His work took a new direction; figures in movement would become the central theme of his work. This early fascination with anatomy, both human and equine, gradually compelled him to test the limits of his craft. He came to challenge any preconceptions that pigeonhole lampworking to the production of small, whimsical, decorative objects that emphasize form and plasticity alone and suppress the sculptural potential of careful elaboration, narrative content, composition and thematic grouping.

Unique in lampworking, his large freestanding sculptures - worked hot and annealed during the production process - employ flexible Murano soft glass rods instead of the more resilient Pyrex or tempered glass. Murano glass – also called soft glass because of its high soda content – is known for its characteristic brightness and appropriateness to lampworking. His technical experience and knowledge of glass colour compatibility further underpin his creation of unique pieces; figures entirely shaped by hand are then incorporated into hand blown vases or castings.

In his never-ending quest to create a living force in glass, Lucio has begun exploring two-dimensional drawing embedded within the glass surface, the line highlighted by coldworking the image or pulling it outside its matrix until it seems to explode into three-dimensional form.

Lucio’s work transcends any traditional application of lampworking. In a hybrid between the anatomic perfection of Greek sculpture and the stylistic refinements of Venetian Gothic architecture, the tension and plasticity of his motifs are placed in a context of narrative surrealism that reflects his original sensibility. Themes of seduction, metamorphosis and transformation, forms emerging out of a void … all echo themes from our mythological past when sexuality was not political but spiritual.

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